The Greater Bettendorf Community Foundation was created in 1996
We are a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation

Who is part of The Greater Bettendorf Community Foundation?


The board is representative of people in Bettendorf who are determined to make the Bettendorf Community truly great. This hardworking group of people currently includes:

Don Wells, President
Cindy Wells, Treasurer and Secretary
Mary Gabel VP of Food Operations
Tracie Cato VP of Non-Food Operations
Madison L. Wells Director
And many other volunteers serving our community.

Advisory Board

This board consists of community organizations and representatives from local businesses who have vested interest in our community. They serve to help on projects and to give valuable input on the future of our community.


In order to succed any organization needs help! Volunteers help with the planning, staging and successful completion of projects and fundraising.


General Public

The General Public is welcome to attend events, and even help plan, create or complete projects within the organization, afterall that is what a community is!

This institution is an Equal Opportunity provider.

Our History:

The Greater Bettendorf Community Foundation is a 501(C) (3) corporation. TGBCF was created in 1993 to gift scholarships and conduct fundraising projects through the Bettendorf Jaycees Inc. for the community of Bettendorf Iowa. In 2007 the Bettendorf Jaycees closed its local chapter. Shortly afterwards the TGBCF started to continue with most of the local community service projects of the former Jaycees.

In March of 2016 a group of exceptional ladies approached the Board of Directors with an idea to fill a gap that they felt was not being met by our local community services. That gap was to provide needed items that families would need that food assistance did not provide for. Clothing, household items, personal care products, baby items, and furniture were now going to become available at no cost to anyone in need.

The AGAPE Center Project was then created and the doors to the Center opened on May 1st, 2016. As expected the Center started off slowly; it was going to take a bit of time to get the word out to those in need. Shortly after the first few guests came through the door, the question of "Do you provide food as well?" was asked. We at that point contacted the River Bend Foodbank for their guidance on how we could participate as a participating pantry. For the River Bend Foodbank this was a very unusual request. We were the first publicly supported non-church related foundation asking to be a pantry in their system.

In our first year of operation we went from serving 70 families the month of May to over 400 families at the end of the month of December of 2016. This service included food and many other items we offer at the Center. As the word spread about the AGAPE Center on social media, also through word of mouth, with assistance of public service agencies.

The Greater Bettendorf Community Foundation’s AGAPE Center Project has effected the Quad City area greatly since 2016.  The AGAPE Center Project serves Scott County and Rock Island County residents who are in need of food and basic needs.

To date, we have given over 869,956 pounds of food to our community and that number continues to grow each year.  What makes the AGAPE Center unique is that it is not only a food pantry but a pantry that provides the basic needs a family has at no cost to our guests.  By looking at the chart below you can see the effect the AGAPE Center has had on the community that we serve.

Stats from 2016 thru 2022 The AGAPE Center

Food side: Persons served Families served Pounds of food served
2016 3761 1106 83,202.00
2017 37447 8210 269,685.50
2018 23004 6331 177,017
2019 9744 2537 122,366.50
2020 8724 2497 124,166.50
2021 8591 2508 120,518.50
2022 No Stats No Stats No Stats
Total: 91,271 23,189 896,956

Non Food Side: Persons served: Families Served
2016 998 370
2017 3759 1256
2018 3580 875
2019 4128 1924
2020 3890 1912
2021 7782 2594
2022 No Stats No Stats
Total: 24,137 8,931

  Personal care Baby Items Household  Furnature Clothing
2016 155 No Stats 1169 62 3440
2017 No Stats No Stats 3624 82 17165
2018 No Stats No Stats 4684 45 19724
2019 4096 1953 8071 136 11866
2020 4320 783 8868 148 15341
2021 4853 832 12318 202 21203
2022 No Stats No Stats No Stats No Stats No Stats
Total: 13,454 3568 38,734 675 88,739